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Özgür Aras’s new venture has already become one of the most frequented nightclubs on Meşrutiyet Caddesi several months after its opening. Its status as the heir to Eelence undoubtedly plays a role in its popularity, though Ablam does offer fresh blood.


Here the cocktails are served in flat bottles. The mastic-flavoured ‘Nagihan’ is more of a shot, while ‘Şıp Sevdi’ is a hit with those who like their poison sweet. Our favourite was hands-down the ‘Aptal Sarışın’, which literally translates to ‘dumb blonde’ – the balance of tangerine and alcohol is so well struck that it’s possible you’ll be drunk before you know it.


Ablam’s popularity only comes with one defect: given its small size, the venue gets immensely crowded after a certain point on Saturday nights. Best to go earlier and get yourself a table. 


Venue name: Ablam
Address: Meşrutiyet Caddesi 83

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 22.30-05.00
Static map showing venue location