Antica Locanda

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Antica Locanda

Antica Locanda is an elegant and modern quintessential Italian restaurant situated in the old, high–ceilinged oven of the Taksiarhi Greek Orthodox Church in Arnavutköy. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and it’s got a small, cosy terrace that overlooks the garden. The menu at Antica Locanda even includes dishes whose recipes date back to the Middle Ages.


Our recommendations from the essential Italian dishes on the menu include crostino, a typical Italian starter plate, Tuscan-style fresh maccheroni, Liguria-style calamari stew and Roman-style fresh bucattini carbonara. Chef Gian Carlo’s pizzas, made with recipes from a Napoliten pizza master, are worth venturing to Arnavutköy for lunch, as pizza isn’t served for dinner. Instead, Gian Carlo prepares special dinner menus. In the winter months, the Friday specialty dish at Antica Locanda is osso bucco – worth keeping in mind for your first date.


Venue name: Antica Locanda
Address: Satış Meydanı 12, Arnavutköy

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12.00-14.30; 18.30-23.30.
Static map showing venue location