“Grab your record and come to HomeRoom, where you can listen to the music of your choice at dinner,” they say. It’s one of those luxuries that frequenters of HomeRoom have been quick to embrace. If it turns out that you want eggs Benedict- or ‘London Calling,’ as HomeRoom calls it- at 22.00 - HomeRoom is once again the place to be, as they don’t have a time limitation on breakfast. Their culinary approach is based on the slow food concept. All of the food at HomeRoom is homemade and healthy; prepared the moment you place your order. Nothing is fried; even the ‘fries’ come from the oven. The menu has headings like: Homebites, Homepizzas, Homegreens, Homepastas, Homesweets and Homelunch, and you can pretty much guess what types of foods fall under these headings. They serve warm bread they’ve baked themselves, topped with the likes of bacon, smoked salmon and artichoke hearts, as well as Panini-baguette sandwiches and burgers. The burger with lemon sauce caught our eye. The Homegreens menu features salads prepared with fresh ingredients like chickpeas, black eyed peas, wheatchicken and fruit. As you may have guessed, the pasta is made fresh in the kitchen. The headliners of the homepastas menu include papardelle with shelled mussels and gnocchi with a creamy Parmesan sauce. Great news for pork-fans: with pizza, sandwich and other options, you can have pork any meal you wish. 


At HomeRoom they’re also ambitious when it comes to dessert. We especially loved their macaroons and huge meringues. If you get the chance, the green apple meringue is a must-try. As for drinks, the tamarind sherbet, Niğde soda and homemade lemonade are our favourites, but to be honest we can’t say that it didn’t hurt us, even if just a little, that they don’t offer alcohol at HomeRoom. Another heading on the menu is Homeshop. You’ll find homemade cookies, meringues, macaroons, freshly baked breads and homemade jams sold at the venue.


There are also Mine Kerse’s designs, which are also showcased in her home store in Çukurcuma. Bags, hats and accessories bearing her name are sold at HomeRoom. Since it’s a small venue, it’s quite cosy. There are a couple of small tables out front. The macaroons and meringues displayed in the front window are sure to lure you in. Inside is a different story. There is an old Mac, dusty records that fill the shelves, a cellar and many other odds and ends scattered all over. The bar where drinks are prepared sits in the back, and the shelf where kitchen accessories, coffee boxes and breadbaskets are displayed is located in the seating area. Gift works from Baykuş’s photographers and artist friends are hung on the walls. The furniture is mostly wooden, except for the big red leather couch and the corner seating sets for two. They all come together cohesively under the roof of HomeRoom.


From the Menu

London Calling 15 TL

Burger with lemon sauce 14 TL

Gnocchi with creamy Parmesan sauce 8 TL

Wheat-chicken salad 8 TL

Chocolate soufflé with Gorgonzola 10 TL


Venue name: HomeRoom
Address: Cihangir Caddesi 37A

Opening hours: Daily 09.30-02.00. Kitchen closes at 00.00.