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50 funny animal videos to watch with your kids

50 funny animal videos to watch with your kids

Everyone loves a good funny animal video. Whether it’s guinea pigs eating watermelons, fainting goats or kittens riding turtles, nature’s furry creatures continue to enchant us!

Allie Early
Written by
Allie Early

There’s something that brings us all together, big and small, and it’s not actually pizza. Funny animal videos (jerk animals and cute animals also) bring families together. Check out our ultimate list of the best animal videos on YouTube…you won’t regret it!


1. This Dog Can Dance the Salsa…Can You?

Watch a tiny dog bust some moves by his owner’s side.

2. Kitten Rides Tortoise Around the House

Slow and steady wins the race. This cute kitty arrives in style on her very own tortoise.


3. Don’t Argue with an Ibex

What is an Ibex? Should you argue with one? Probably not.

4. Fearless French Bulldog Does Backflips

Little Tito loves getting catapulted by his red toy ball.


5. This Cat Says No, No!

Enjoy cat-human speak…it’s obviously protesting something.

6. Goat Who Yells Like a Person

There’s an old man trapped inside this goat, and he’s making a scene…


7. Bentley the Bulldog Puppy Wants on the Couch

This little puppy bundle won’t settle for the hardwood. He wants snuggles right now!

8. Rusty Needs Naps Immediately

A narcoleptic dachshund has captured our hearts forever with his napping schedule.


9. Ermagerd, Guinea Pigs Eating Watermelon!

These Guinea pigs aren’t saving any of their watermelon slices for you.

10. Dog and Elephant BFF hang out

This dog and elephant may be an unlikely pair, but they’re friends for life.


11. The Ultimate Dog Tease

This dog’s owner teases his best buddy in the worst kind of way…with bacon.

12. One Guilty Dog

Denver definitely didn’t eat those cat treats…nope.


13. The Craziest Old Goat You’ll Ever See

He can’t seem to keep his tongue in his mouth, and he looks a little crazy…but he’ll be your best friend for some snacks.

14. Maru, the Coolest Cat in Town

Maru’s cuteness is undeniable…fortunately, all his best moments have been captured in one video just for you.


15. Fainting Goats

These adorable little goats will fall right over at the littlest scare.

16. Donkeys Flapping Their Lips

These donkeys hope that flapping their lips will bring treats a little closer…but will it work?


17. Dog Eating Food Like a Human

This dog is nomming away at the dinner table in his very own red hoodie, though something is suspicious about the way he's doing it.

18. Sneezing Baby Panda

The cuteness of the SBP will not be surpassed.


19. Goat / Oprah Mashup

We know who this goat’s favorite talk show host is…and it’s not Ellen.

20. Ridin’ Dirty

This little guy is the envy of all of his friends…his Roomba will trump any ride!


21. Rhianna-Lovin’ Corgi

A little corgie breaks it down to Rhi Rhi.

22. Jumpy, the World’s Most Obedient Dog

Watch a border collie/blue heeler mix show its epic obedience skills.


23. Jenga Cat

Jenga Cat has mad talent…he may be a better strategist than you are.

24. French Bulldog Puppy Isn’t Tired!

A pint-sized French Bulldog puppy says no to bedtime in the cutest way.


25. Great Dane Puppy Needs 10 More Minutes

Opposite from our French Bulldog friend, this sweet pup can’t get enough of bedtime.

26. Puppy vs. Doorstop 1

Little labs love to nibble…on doorstops. Who will win?


27. Puppy vs. Doorstop 2

We really can’t get enough of this puppy’s surprised face.

28. Goats on Sheet Metal

These goats cannot jump on this sheet metal toy enough…who will get catapulted?


29. Buddy Teaches Baby to Crawl

Allie and Buddy the terrier are inseparable, and now he’s teaching her some valuable life skills.

30. Corgie Flop

Corgies doing belly flops? We’ll say this one has mastered them.


31. Golden Puppy Falls Asleep

Puppies are cute in general, but this little one is so adorable that he’s actually falling asleep before our eyes.

32. Pug Head Tilt

Three pug heads tilt in confusion, and it’s ridiculously endearing.


33. Dog vs. Balloons 2

This dog won’t sleep until ALL of the balloons are popped. They really didn’t stand a chance, anyway.

34. Cat Stalker

Watch this kitty stalk his prey (sneakily, mind you) with excellent kitty-ninja skills.


35. Surprise Kitty

Love surprises? This kitten is surprised…all the time.

36. Buttermilk the Goat

Buttermilk the goat loves her friends, but she doesn’t always play nice.


37. Whale Rainbows

This whale may as well be magical…he can make rainbows!

38. Hamlet Loves Oatmeal

Hamlet the mini pig may be about the size of a gerbil, but that won’t stop him from trekking down the stairs to his beloved bowl of oatmeal.


39. Dog Mimics Baby

A family dog can’t get enough of his baby pal. He even speaks her language!

40. Dog Rocks the Piano

Sure, you and the kids might play piano…but have you ever seen it played like this?


41. Puppy Can’t Get Up!

Why are French Bulldogs so cute, anyway? This little one is stuck on his back like an overturned turtle, and it’s too cute to look away.


43. Jaws Cat

Straight out of Jaws, this menacing cat wearing a shark costume rocks a Roomba all around the house.

44. Talking Husky Says “I Love You”

This dog is man’s best friend taken to a whole new level.


45. Baby Goat Flood at Sunflower Farm

This may or may not be the most menacing stampede we’ve ever seen.

46. Disney’s Little Mermaid (The Kitty Version)

We hope that these stylish cats can swim and sing.


47. Fearful Puppies vs. Demon Cat

We’re not really sure why this cat is so scary, but by the puppies’ reaction, he’s nothing but trouble.

48. Dog’s Ultimate Dream Comes True!

Look out below…it’s a tennis ball storm (of total happiness).


49. Chihuahua Does Yoga

Who knew this little breed was so flexible?

50. Walk on the Wild Side

Alan! Alan! Alan!...Steve! Steve! Steve!

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