A Language of Their Own

A Language of Their Own

‘A Language of Their Own’, an affecting play by famed Singapore-born, American-based playwright Chay Yew, is given a fascinating Malaysian makeover by director Woon Fook Sen and Singaporean theatre writer Richard Chua. Presented by theatre collective Little Red Shop, the duo attempts to breathe new life into the ’90s Asian-American theatre staple, which in its original form blends ubiquitous romantic rituals with darker and more solemn issues like HIV.

The poignant and intimate ‘A Language of Their Own’ revolves around four men of different ages, whose multi-faceted relationships are used to explore the disparity between English- and Chinese-educated Malaysians in expressing their thoughts in the English language. Starring Paul Wong, Dominic Lucien Luk, Alfred Loh and Dennis Yeap. Wong Boon Ken

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