We Are Theatrethreesixty

We Are Theatrethreesixty

Theatrethreesixty's inaugural month-long performing arts festival offers four full-fledged performances in as many weeks. Although co-founder and artistic director Christopher Ling is best known for lavish and oftentimes highly stylised musical offerings over the course of his distinguished career, Theatrethreesixty’s productions will initially be more black box than Broadway. Here's what's showing: 'At Home at the Zoo' (Apr 3-6); 'Post Traumatic Shopping' + 'Not Even The Night Has Such Gentle Hands' (Apr 10-13); 'Pack/Unpack' (Apr 17-20); 'The Moving On Emporium' (Apr 26-27).

For more on Theatrethreesixty, read our interview with Christopher Ling.

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