TNRM pet adoption drive and fundraiser

brown white dog TNRM KL
Photo: TNRM

TNRM stands for Trap – Neuter – Release – Manage. This non-governmental, non-profit organisation is run by a group of volunteers who trap, neuter and release stray cats and dogs to help manage the population humanely. TNRM also tries to find homes for the newly neutered strays. To fund these activities, TNRM are holding a pet-friendly fundraiser and adoption drive.

Expect booths selling cakes, bean bags and knick knacks as well as a birthday brunch party for the organisation's mascot, Tulip the dog. Copies of Linda T Lingard's 'The Dog Who Ate Nightmare' with illustrations by Khairul Azmir Shoib and starring Tulip the Dog, will be available. There will also be a photography exhibition by Abbi and SC Shekar. Both will offer animal portraits for people who adopt dogs and 40 percent of the sale of each photo will be donated to the charity.