LOUD! presents TJR

LOUD! presents TJR

Thomas Rozdilsky, better known as TJR, has been kicking around music circles in America for years now. Originally a golfer from Connecticut, TJR left his plaid pants and golf clubs behind to become an acid house and techno DJ. But TJR only got his break after British DJ/producer Chris Lake signed him under the Rising Music label – and an even bigger break when his song ‘Funky Vodka’ topped the Beatport charts in 2012.

The track was so good that Pitbull decided to build his top-20 hit ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ around it. Drawing on that momentum, TJR released new single ‘What’s Up Suckaz’ this year, and it was instantly a hit. TJR draws musical influences from all sorts of artists, claiming ‘I’d be listening to the Beastie Boys, Metallica, Fiona Apple, Bob Marley. The music I was into was honest; it had substance.’

With that in mind, TJR produces music that you won’t be used to. He does a lot of scratching, throws in samples and works the faders, generally making sure there’s something for people to see behind the decks. For him, that creates the best vibe and energy. ‘I want people to let loose. I want them to let out their inner freak. Be as weird as you want – I’m going to be weirder than anyone up on stage.’ Ian Loh

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