Ohrwurm presents Marc Marzenit

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Ohrwurm presents Marc Marzenit

Spanish DJ/producer Marc Marzenit has been interested in making music since he was nine. By the age of 11, he got himself his first synth and thus began the building blocks of his successful career. Fast forward many years and he now has a loyal following the world over. Fresh off the release of his successful debut record ‘To Love Until We Say Goodbye’, he has always been known as a slightly maverick DJ. His intriguing 'Suite On Clouds’ project springs to mind: A 3D mapping show with violinists, a harp, symphonic percussions and a grand piano, which sought to push the boundaries of club music into the realm of the symphony. Ambitious? That’s Marc Marzenit for you. He is not one to do things small. Epic is what he usually shoots for.

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