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Have you ever imagined pulling a Kiki on that inconsiderate driver tailgating you? Or ‘edited’ your CV to get that job you so desperately wanted? What constitutes crime to the average Malaysian?

FIFTEEN is a collection of plays about the young, the restless and the mad who dwell in KLX – an absurd parallel universe very much like our city of KL – in the year 2015. View this world through the eyes of the young characters as they teeter on the edge of right and wrong in their daily quest to survive the city’s rat race. Nothing is as it seems; what may sound like just another conversation between two average Joes may in fact revolve around the plotting of a bank robbery.

FIFTEEN is unlike your regular local play. There is no sappy love story or obvious hero to the plot. Instead it offers snapshots of disturbingly familiar occurrences that take place in a world, at a time, and to people very much like our own.

Brought to you by the same folks that staged the experimental ‘30-plays-in-60- minutes’ show – ‘Never Eat Too Much Before Rapture’ in 2014, this is SIFU Production’s first full-length performance, directed by three directors with a cast of seven actors, and a sound folly who will be playing live during the show. Written by Malaysian Amir Imran, FIFTEEN is an example of Malaysian contemporary literature of today.

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