Dead Dog In A Suitcase (And Other Love Songs)

Theatre, Drama
Dead Dog in a Suitcase

Based on The Beggar's Opera, John Gay's classic musical satire is busting with wit, wonder and weirdness.

Cornwall based theatre company Kneehigh bring their latest production to the Playhouse.

Based on 'The Begger's Opera', it's a story of a thiefcatcher whose daughter marries a famous highwayman and a dissection of the morals of contemporary society. Albeit from 1728.

In its time, this was satire of the highest order, a form known as ballad opera proving hugely popular for its time, and Kneehigh incorporate modern music into their re-telling of the tale, from hip hop to folk via ska, so expect your senses to be bombarded with sights and sounds mixing an old, oft told tale with modern society.


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