Gingerline HQ

A Secret location on the East London Line , London Saturday February 16 2013 19:00 - 22:30
Gingerline HQ
Emli Bendixen Gingerline Casino Royale

From the pioneers of underground immersive dining comes the ultimate night out for East London's food adventurers: Gingerline HQ. Part hideout, part parallel reality, Gingerline HQ is a clandestine and chameleon dining adventure held in a secret location along the East London Line (or 'ginger line', as they call it). The destination and concept is as mysterious as the menu. Visitors to their past adventures have been thrust into Siberian circuses, dived into submarine mess halls and descended into underground tunnels for Victorian banquets. To take part, hover near any station on the East London Line (London Overground stations between Highbury and Islington and Crystal Palace) at 6pm on the evening of your booking; you'll receive a text message telling you where to go. Once there, you'll be dined and delighted with a welcome cocktail, five courses of delicious seasonal cuisine and a piece of take-home menu art. After being treated to a night of fine food and unexpected pleasures, all diners will be sworn to keep the secrets of the Gingerline safe. Over-18s only.

Dates available until Mar 29.



Venue name: A Secret location on the East London Line
Transport: Bus: London Overground stations
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