In the studio with Anne Hardy

Artist Anne Hardy In her studio Artist Anne Hardy In her studio - Portrait by Helen Sumpter
Posted: Fri Oct 2 2009

Anne Hardy produces large-scale photographs of constructed interiors, which she creates using found objects and everyday materials. These unsettling spaces show the recent aftermath of ambiguous activities or events, but the occupants are always absent from the picture. She has a studio in Bethnal Green.

I see a pile of modernist architecture books. Do they relate to recent work?
'I visited Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation housing block in Marseilles last year [built in the early 1950's] which made me more interested in modernist architecture and its utopian aims. I am interested in both utopian architectural ideals as well as improvised structures and how different spaces embody individual and collective ideals and activities, whether intentionally or not.'

Plants or foliage tend to recur in your images…
'Yes, often in an environment where they are not quite contained. An element of my work is about attempted control becoming chaos, and the inherent fragility of all the systems we set up. Our relationship to nature is one way to reflect on this.'

The titles of your work can be as ambiguous as the places they depict…
'I often use words that have multiple meanings - the title of one photograph 'Detached' is both a state of mind and an architectural description. I like the idea that the titles, like the images, can allude to both a physical and a psychological space.'

So who does inhabit these spaces?
'While I'm building a space it's me that physically inhabits the space, but in my mind and in the photograph its an imaginary protagonist(s). But I include objects that we can all relate to such as coffee cups or books, so these people are also any or all of us.'

Anne Hardy's exhibition of new work is showing at Maureen Paley from Oct 9-Nov 22 2009