In the studio with Fergal Stapleton

Fergal Stapleton In the studio Fergal Stapleton In the studio - Helen Sumpter
Posted: Fri Nov 20 2009

Fergal Stapleton makes paintings, and uses found and constructed objects to create sculptures and installations that investigate the limits of what art is and does. His latest installation at V22 involves subtle additions and subtractions to the gallery space, which intentionally blur the division between the art and the space in which it is seen. His studio is in Hackney Wick.

We should title this column 'In the studios', as you have two of them…
'Yes, I have one for painting and one for sculpture. I really need one bigger space.'

So are your pieces at V22 trying to blend in with their environment?
'The idea is to flood the place with the subtleties of its own nature, to augment the existing character of the space, which in this case had previously been used as a studio and had partition walls, with dents and holes. The objects that I have added include pieces of painted MDF, which just about behave as paintings but could equally be there as redundant or functional things, in some cases literally covering up a hole in the wall.'

How would you describe what your art is doing in that space?
'In a way it's exploring different scales or gradients - between painting and object; between here and not here and between found and made. So you could describe the art as sitting in and joining up the gap between the made-up and the real.'

What about the spider in the corner of the gallery. is that real?
'It is, in fact there are several of them. I didn't place them there but the exhibition invigilators do have instructions not to disturb them.'