London's 40 best artists

With Damien Hirst’s palette-cleansing sell-off, Saatchi’s new London gallery and a suddenly shaky financial future for all, a wind of change is buffeting British art. Time Out tests its direction and pick – in no particular order – our 40 most exciting talents under the age of 40

  • London's 40 best artists

    Tris Vonna-Michell 26, performance griot (Cubitt Gallery)

  • We’ve been reviewing shows in London for 40 years, so we know a thing or two about spotting artistic talent. We also know how quickly the fickle wind of fashion can blow through the art world – who remembers YBA painters Brad Lochore or Stephen Adamson, who showed in ‘Sensation’ more than a decade ago? So, with key members of that group, including Chris Ofili, Martin Creed and Wolfgang Tillmans, reaching their fortieth year in 2008, we thought it only right to look ahead to artists rising through the post-YBA ranks. Despite their youth, most of our 40 artists under 40 are well into their careers by now, all busily engaged in proving they will be around long after the British art boom years are but a distant memory. In other words, they’re not only outstanding but credit-crunch proof too.

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