Marina Abramovic

We meet the bold Serbian artist for an interview and covershoot in advance of Frieze Art Fair 2010

© Scott Chasserot

You teach young artists now at your bootcamps.‘I call my workshops “Cleaning the House”, because we always clean our outsides but never our insides. They are usually five days with no food, no talking. My teaching revolves around finding out whether you want to be an artist to be rich and famous or do you really have this urge to create? Art is like breathing – you just do it or die.’

Will you ever stop performing?‘No. I even want to control my own funeral. The theatre piece I’m making now for next year’s Manchester Festival is called “The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic”, with Willem Dafoe acting and Antony of [Antony And] The Johnsons singing. Also, I’m focusing on my legacy by founding the Marina Abramovic Institute of Performance Art in New York. I’m interested in how performance might develop in the future and how I can help a younger generation of artists. Performance is like a phoenix – it gets burned and then comes out of the ashes.’

Interview: Ossian Ward

See Marina's London shows

  • Frieze Art Fair 2010

    Critics' choice Until Sun Oct 17, Regent's Park

    Marina will be showing at stand B7 at the Fair.

  • Marina Abramovic

    FreeCritics' choiceLast chance Until Sat Nov 13, Lisson Gallery

    Major showing of work by the influential and confrontational artist, whose performances challenge her own body's physical and psychologic...