Team Lump: DIY Rapture

This event has now finished. Until Aug 2 2009

'Next Level', cardboard, felt, 2009 'Next Level', cardboard, felt, 2009

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Posted: Wed Jul 29 2009

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, and boasting a changeable membership, artists' collective Team Lump here takes aim at styles of American cultism. The trappings of these tend to get fetishised by artists; in 'DIY Rapture', though, they're less rosily regarded, with intermittent suggestions of power structures replicating within supposedly freewheeling zones.

Behind a cardboard version of a velvet rope, the collective's looming royal-purple staircase leads ominously up to the roof, implying both divine election and authoritarian exclusion. Nearby, Bill Thelen's cardboard replica of a pair of black Nikes suggests, perhaps, that someone's just taken a barefoot journey to realms of otherness. In the back room, Team Lump's community bulletin board is covered with fake handbills: vegetarian recipes, yogic flying, meetings to attend if you're 'ready to tell death to eat a dick', a business card for Father Yod, freaked-out 1970s Los Angeles cult leader, musician and restaurateur. Nearby, in Jerstin Crosby's beautifully estranged video, snippets of woozy shows drift by - 'Cooking with an Elf', 'Telepathic News' - laced with rudimentary psychedelic video effects.

The trippy ambience is furthered by Josh Rickard's Jim Shaw-style paintings: bearded hippy honchos, neophytes with distorted faces. 'DIY Rapture' hangs together with genial lumpiness, feeling both bright and dark, though without a great deal of articulation. Still, it continually unbalances ideas of what it might mean to huddle together outside of the American mainstream, and that feels like enough.

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