Time Out logo graffitied in Shoreditch

Our iconic magazine logo joins nine others that have been cleaned into the east London grime

Seven logo - Shoreditch High Street Seven logo - Shoreditch High Street - © Travis Hodges

Marc Cameron describes his own experience of publishing a magazine: 'Three years ago, I launched a print version of my online magazine, Se7en (which ran from 2005 to 2010), in the UK and Ireland. Though it sold well enough to justify further issues, due to the economic downturn I struggled to find funding to get the publication off the ground.

'It was a tough learning curve, and one that has only increased my respect for the likes of Time Out chairman Tony Elliott and Dazed and Confused founders Jefferson Hack and Rankin. Not only have they created iconic publications, but they've also created sustainable businesses that have survived through the recent economic downturn.'