Time Out logo graffitied in Shoreditch

Our iconic magazine logo joins nine others that have been cleaned into the east London grime

Vice logo - Corbet Place wall Vice logo - Corbet Place wall - © Travis Hodges

In the time that some of the titles (including ours) have been around, the internet has revolutionised the magazine industry. It's a transformation covered by the publications chosen for Cleanart Project, as Marc Cameron explains: 'Along with acknowledging the achievements of the aforementioned print publications, the Cleanart Project features a new generation of exciting and innovative online publications that have emerged in the UK over the past five years.

'The likes of Urban Junkies and Sabotage Times are prime examples of this, and the way famous print publications such as Dazed, Time Out, Vice, Attitude, Loaded and others featured in this project have made a successful transition to the online world clearly demonstrates that these famous names will be around for years to come.'

Too right – we're not going anywhere, London!