Dennis Severs' House Annual Christmas Installation

photo: Roelof Bakker
Posted: Fri Nov 23 2012

If the enduring popularity of shows like 'Grand Designs' teaches us anything, it's that we all love a little nosey around other people's houses. Dennis Severs' House, in Spitalfields, has to be one of London's most rewarding snooping exercises.

A wander around this eighteenth-century house's elaborately recreated period rooms is designed to give you a sense that you're snooping around a currently occupied home, with scents of cooked food lingering in the air, fires roaring and half-eaten meals strewn across tables. Severs, the man behind gloriously eccentric illusion, who died in 1999, lived here without electricity, for added authenticity.

The annual Christmas installation throws Christmassy scents, sound effects and period festive decorations into the mix. Better yet, the candle-lit 'Silent Night' evening sessions have a 'no speaking' rule. So your fellow snoopers' modern voices won't interrupt your sojourn into the past.