Medical museums in London

Time Out prescribes a look at some of the capital's best medical collections

If mainstream museums leave you feeling jaded, London’s medical museums offer rich pickings for anyone prepared to make a bit of an effort. As well as dazzling spaces such as the Wellcome Collection and the Science Museum, there are numerous more esoteric venues to explore. Sometimes open by appointment only and staffed by volunteers, occasionally dusty, often based in somewhat obscure institutions, these quirky collections nevertheless have a complex story to tell, of developments in the medical sciences and remarkable men and women who have made a mark in their field.

BDA Dental Museum

Clockwork drill, 1860s Clockwork drill, 1860s - © BDA Dental Museum / Filskifoto

From nineteenth-century dental floss to toothache cures, clockwork drills to toothpaste adverts, this museum traces the development of dentistry, from marketplace spectacle to sophisticated science.

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