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Mother Bar

As part of the legendary 333 Club (Mother Bar is upstairs), this place is something of a Shoreditch institution. Much of its late-night allure comes from the fact it remains open long after other bars have shut up shop. 

There are two boxy rooms decorated with red and gold wallpaper, a black padded bar, squashy black vinyl seats, gilt-framed mirrors and a chequer-board floor. Adjacent to the lounge area is the dance room, where well-oiled revellers let loose to the DJ's choices beneath a glitter ball. Expect anything from retro-pop crowd-pleasers to credible EDM. 


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Mother Bar says
333 Mother is four-floor venue located in the heart of Shoreditch. It has a spacious roof terrace and on weekends the venue is a club with DJs on both floors. They allow the basement to be hired out privately for a range of functions.
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Venue name: Mother Bar
Address: 333
Old Street
Transport: Rail/Tube: Old Street; Rail: Shoreditch High Street
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Makeup A

It has been the worst club experience of my life. 

My friends got charged twice because he was not made aware that there was a smoking area in the club, which he tried to explain to them and they charged him anyway. Also his coat got soaking wet and he left it in there cloak room. The only good thing was the music and the bartenders were nice. I would have been a good will if you could at least cover the cost of this cleaning bill. 1 star goes for the music, or it would be a 0.

Sophie M

I left my bag with my bank card and id inside, I called the next day and a member of staff confirmed it was there and read my full name from my drivers licence, I was told it was being put in a safe place for me to collect. Two days later my online banking showed that my bank card was being used on the underground (contactless). When I called back up I was told I would get a call back, after calling back 3 times in the space of a week I was then told no one had any recollection of speaking to me and my bag was actually not there. I then spoke to a "manager" who said the person who told me my bag was there is on holiday so they can't speak to him and they can't find my bag but my id has been found in their safe, she also said the owner is "fuming" and that "it's a pisstake isn't it" and that she is "sorry". That was it, they are happy to not look in to it any further or reimburse me the money used on my card. They haven't even returned my drivers licence to me. Also the bouncers are rude.

Iris H

If I can put 0 starts I will do it I went yesterday and when I arrived at the reception I started to pay with my card but I get off my card too early so she started to be really rude and talk to me like I am nothing it was so direspecfull so I asked her why she need to be so rude with me,it's not how we be-have with the customer and then she call the security man and put me out it's a first time ever it happened so I really really do not recommend this place

nany n

Worst security service ever. A male bouncers in the lady toilets, behaving as Rsoles with girls, no respect and even any apologise from the head bouncer and the rest of the stuff.  Surely the last resort for all the weirdos and drunk crowd of Shoreditch. No ambience, really commercial and bad taste music, old and dirty style interiors and shitty toilets... just a good position for an east London puke.

Nothing positive.. I don't recommend it at all.

Disguested -Made Amends

Further to my earlier complaint regarding the bouncers at the club and their horrific behaviour, I am pleased to say that following a phone call and subsequent discussions with the club, the bouncers have been sacked. The owner and her pa, offered full apologies and were equally outraged following sight of cctv footage. Vicky and Jade, you have restored my faith and thank you for taking the situation seriously and acting upon it.


My son was outside the bar on Friday evening when he witnessed the bouncers being heavy handed with a lad. The bouncer was hitting the guy and the guy's girlfriend was hitting the bouncers arm trying to get him to stop. The result?? The bouncer punched the girl in the face and knocked her clean out. My son stepped in to try to get the bouncer to stop as he said they were out of control. He put his hand in front of the bouncer and shouted at him to stop. A group of bouncers then jumped on my son, wrestled him to the ground and kicked him. The police came and said that the bouncers were well known to the police but they knew how to avoid charges. All they need to say is that they deemed my son to be a threat and that they hit the girl through self defence. I am disgusted that the management of this club let these 'thugs' work for them. They are not door security staff, just a bunch of ignorant thugs that like to use force when possible instead of diffusing any situation in a calm manner. I guess that these people are untrained but I would say to the Management 'take responsibility and stop these low lifes ruining your reputation.


I went to this bar last Saturday and had never been treated so badly, so I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. When we arrived, the woman in the entrance told us we could put our coats in the cloakroom downstairs. We had already paid 5 pounds just to enter the bar and we were just planning to sit at a table for a drink, having a chat, not dancing, so we kept our coats. This is where the story begins... After ten minutes, a men came to see us and said cloakroom was actually mandatory. He said this was to prevent coats from being stolen in case we would get really drunk and go dancing! We said we didn't plan to go dancing and we were responsible for our belongings. He kept on insisting, tried to intimidate my boyfriend and took him out to have a discussion (of course, he didn't want to speak to me, only to my boyfriend. I'm a woman you know). When my boyfriend came back, the woman from the entrance came to see us, along with 3 other security men of course, and started shouting at us because we didn't want to put our coats in the cloakroom. She was so rude, I can't believe she didn't realise we were actually her clients, people paying for a service! So my friends finally decided to wear their coats, I didn't. We drank our rum and coca in 5 minutes and left this really unwelcoming place asap! When we passed by the entrance, my friend nicely told the rude woman that the sofas were covered with coats, so she clearly didn't do her job very well. What's their problem honestly?


The doormen here really are the biggest bunch of vibe-killing Rsoles. Really the worst of the worst. Would expect a warmer welcome from the Grinch


What a dump! Was expecting a good night in here after hearing all people chatting about it in the local bars. It was full of pervy men thinking it was ok to grab you as and when they wished. A horrible rough atmosphere, steer clear !!


This place was awful, the bar staff and security were obviously racist the way they almost refused to serve us until serving everybody else even though they got to the bar after us, it was really awkward and upsetting, at least the barmaid with the blunt cruella de ville haircut and tshirt "paid to be here" could at least try to pretend she didn't mind being there, and she shortchanged us, best avoided really, there were also loads of drunks and one splashing people with water/drinks but the security did nothing

Shoreditch = Lost Cause

Mother/333 is the epitome of everything that is horrible about the experience of a night out in Shoreditch. A total dump, serving unimaginative drinks, poured by off duty hair dressers and art students wishing to immerse themselves in the "culture". Shoreditch is and will always be a total dive and this seems to be the epicentre - drawing in every fashion victim in London with their tight jeans tucked into their boots and odd jacks over the cardigan/t-short combo. Notwithstanding Mother/333 being full of thieving paupers (at least 4 people in my group had items stolen there 2 weekends ago), the club has made me promise myself that I will never go out in Shoreditch again.