Chaz Royal’s ten-year anniversary

The Canadian cabaret producer celebrates a decade of decadence

In 2002, Canadian Mark Henderson hit upon a new name and a new business when he began producing burlesque shows as Chaz Royal. He’s been one of the international scene’s leading showmakers ever since, with events ranging from London Burlesque Week to this year’s Edinburgh run of ‘Sexy Circus Sideshow’. Ahead of his ten-year anniversary shows at Bush Hall, Ben Walters asked Chaz to plunder his scrapbook for some key moments in his journey…

  • Jetsetters in town, 2008

    ‘Burlesque in the UK drastically changed after LBF 2007. Awareness of the art form was at an all-time high and LBF seemed to be at the forefront of the industry within a short time scale. LBF 2008 expanded to a five-day event with 10 separate shows, showcasing the diversity within the emerging industry and allowing a few other producers to have events within the festival.

    ‘The pinnacle of the festival was the Jet Setters Ball at Bush Hall, featuring 20-odd international performers trying to outdo each other for the applauding audience. Mimi wowed the crowd with her butterfly act set to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’, now a common theme on the scene.’

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