Chaz Royal’s ten-year anniversary

The Canadian cabaret producer celebrates a decade of decadence

In 2002, Canadian Mark Henderson hit upon a new name and a new business when he began producing burlesque shows as Chaz Royal. He’s been one of the international scene’s leading showmakers ever since, with events ranging from London Burlesque Week to this year’s Edinburgh run of ‘Sexy Circus Sideshow’. Ahead of his ten-year anniversary shows at Bush Hall, Ben Walters asked Chaz to plunder his scrapbook for some key moments in his journey…

  • Silver linings, 2009

    ‘By 2009, London Burlesque Festival was firmly cemented in the scene’s international calendar and started attracting attention from a wider spectrum of performers. While classic burlesque remained hugely popular, some audiences were ready for more edgy and shocking acts.

    ‘When I received interest from a silver-bodied alternative gender-bending performer known as Hedoluxe, I jumped at the chance to have him involved. I didn’t expect him to show up in full costume every night, not speaking much English. I recall spotting him and dragging him backstage for photo shoots. Here you can see us candidly enjoying the event.’

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