London's cabaret superstars

We photographed ten of London's top cabaret stars to appear on the cover of Time Out magazine

Kiki Kaboom Kiki Kaboom - © Rob Greig

Kiki Kaboom

The ballsy burlesque gal

Kiki Kaboom is the real deal: warmly engaging and acutely witty, subversively confrontational and hubba-hubba hot. Just don’t look at her funny, all right?

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done on stage? ‘Doing my chav character, I start on people a lot. Once, a chap at the front got over-excited and pulled me off the stage. I was so shocked I just thwacked him in the side of the head and carried on to rounds of applause.’

By the end of 2011, I will have… ‘Performed in New York, learned the electric guitar, brought my brand of burlesque to shows like “La Soirée” and enticed a producer into helping me create my own solo show.’