London's cabaret superstars

We photographed ten of London's top cabaret stars to appear on the cover of Time Out magazine

Dusty Limits Dusty Limits - © Rob Greig

Dusty Limits

The trailblazer

Groundbreaking performer and the artistic conscience of the London scene, Dusty Limits delivers his own elegantly acerbic ditties with the same wry assurance that makes him the compères’ compère.

What’s been the most surprising response you’ve had from the audience? ‘Someone threw a beer glass at me once but that was in Glasgow so it’s almost to be expected. And I overheard a girl say to her boyfriend, “I’d pay good money to watch Dusty Limits suck your cock.”’

By the end of 2011, I will have… ‘Hopefully survived 2011, though that might suggest a degree of optimism people don’t associate with me. I will have brought about world peace through cabaret.’