Puppet regime: a day in the life of two cabaret puppets

Leathery ne’er-do-wells Boris and Sergey have been up to no good in Dalston and Soho

Boris and Sergey are a couple of two-foot-high, filthy little Balkan charmers, and the stars of their own semi-improvised grown-up bunraku (Japanese puppet theatre) show. The puppeteers’ visibility does nothing to undermine this duo’s seedy allure, whether they’re mounting cod-blockbuster set-pieces or losing their souls at poker.

Ahead of runs at the Arcola Tent in Dalston and Soho Theatre, the boys have been exploring their new neighbourhoods.
Ben Walters finds out what happened…

Sergey: ‘Before we leave for an evening of debauchery on the streets of Soho, we try one last attempt at making some extra cash. Boris plays “Free Bird” on the guitar a total of 412 times. We leave with nine pence and a hat full of spit. Apparently puppets are not to busk on the platform. Damn the bureaucracy of the public transport system!’

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