'The Domestic Burlesque': In pictures

Elsa Quarsell shares a handful of amazing images from her book, 'The Domestic Burlesque'

For two years Elsa Quarsell travelled the world taking photos of burlesque performers in their homes. As a result, Elsa has now captured both beautiful and humorous portraits of over 100 performers from the world of burlesque. In 'The Domestic Burlesque' each portrait is accompanied by an interview with the performer, which makes the book an interesting insight into the creative motivation and emotion behind the burlesque scene.

Below, Elsa Quarsell shares some photos from 'The Domestic Burlesque' with Time Out.

Spencer Maybe: London

Spencer Maybe - The Domestic Burlesque Spencer Maybe - The Domestic Burlesque - © Elsa Quarsell

The Domestic Burlesque is available from at www.thedomesticburlesque.com