Ursula Martinez in pictures

The veteran cabaret performer shares some of her favourite photos with Time Out

Cult cabaret diva Ursula Martinez has been taking her clothes off on stage for years. Ahead of her latest event, Ursula Martinez: My Stories, Your Emails at the Soho Theatre (runs until March 10 2012), the 'Duckie' and 'La Soirée' veteran shares some of her favourite photos and stories, from childhood to her new show, exclusively with Time Out.

'I wasn’t partaking in the sex or drugs, just the nudity'

Ursula (bottom left) with her family Ursula (bottom left) with her family

‘Every summer holidays, me, my sister and my parents would get in the car and make the long drive from London to the remote village in Spain where my mum comes from. It was the mid-’70s and with the death of Franco, many middle-class Spaniards were fully embracing the new freedom that came with the end of the dictatorship: sex, drugs and NUDITY. My British, public-school-educated father had a slightly different agenda: he was more of an old perve. But either way, me and my parents would spend a few weeks in August, with my extended family, camping out by the river or a remote lake in the National Park, being nudists.

‘Those holidays were really special to me. I was only about ten, so I wasn’t partaking in the sex or drugs, just the nudity. Being naked felt liberating and wild and I used to pretend I was Mowgli from “The Jungle Book”.

‘So I guess it’s not surprising that I grew up being comfortable with the concept of nudity. However, it was never my intention that it should become a bit of a trademark of my work.’