Ursula Martinez in pictures

The veteran cabaret performer shares some of her favourite photos with Time Out

Cult cabaret diva Ursula Martinez has been taking her clothes off on stage for years. Ahead of her latest event, Ursula Martinez: My Stories, Your Emails at the Soho Theatre (runs until March 10 2012), the 'Duckie' and 'La Soirée' veteran shares some of her favourite photos and stories, from childhood to her new show, exclusively with Time Out.

'Three of us, butt naked'

Poster for Ursula’s first show, ‘A Family Outing’ (1988) Poster for Ursula’s first show, ‘A Family Outing’ (1988)

‘This started in 1998 with my first theatre show, “A Family Outing”. It was an autobiographical show featuring myself and my parents. The idea was to make an honest piece about us as a family and to present ourselves as we truly were, warts and all. To advertise the show, I thought the best way to encapsulate that idea was to make a poster with us all naked. My parents didn’t bat an eyelid at the request. And so we created the publicity shot of me standing in the middle, holding hands with my parents either side of me, the three of us butt naked. It created a bit of a stir – a good stir – and I realised the positive impact nudity can have in a society where it’s still a bit taboo.’