Ursula Martinez in pictures

The veteran cabaret performer shares some of her favourite photos with Time Out

Cult cabaret diva Ursula Martinez has been taking her clothes off on stage for years. Ahead of her latest event, Ursula Martinez: My Stories, Your Emails at the Soho Theatre (runs until March 10 2012), the 'Duckie' and 'La Soirée' veteran shares some of her favourite photos and stories, from childhood to her new show, exclusively with Time Out.

'I had unwittingly created an act'

Ursula Martinez - Hanky Panky Ursula Martinez - Hanky Panky

‘A couple of years later I created my infamous magic striptease act Hanky Panky. There’s no connection here to my childhood or upbringing. It came about from a drunken evening with close friends where we started doing party tricks for each other, and, as on most “showy-offy” occasions, or nights of “gay abandon”, I ended up naked. The next day, in a slightly hungover state, I recalled the night before, and realised that I had unwittingly created an act.

‘I had no idea how this act would impact on the next decade of my life. I had only recently got an email address. YouTube didn’t yet exist, so I could never have predicted that it would one day become a viral internet sensation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the life-changing impact is comparable to Susan Boyle going on “Britain’s Got Talent”, but nevertheless, it has been my bread and butter for over ten years, and is showing no signs of drying up...’