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Interesting things to do of an evening, from big men in frocks to little angry ones whacking domestic appliances about. There's even some dancing

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    Here Kitty Kitty The 'crème de la crème' of cabaret, Eartha Kitt, returns to the UK. 'I am the last of the Mohicans' she reveals to Time Out.

    Tiger Lillies: interview
    Martyn Jacques' dark and twisted cabaret trio tell Time Out about their new show, '7 Deadly Sins', and how their last attempt to do Punch & Judy was a 'fucking disaster'.

    Camille: interview
    Heart-in-mouth Irish chanteuse Camille O'Sullivan is set to light up the capital's cabaret scene with her show 'La Fille du Cirque'.

    The semiotics of burlesque
    Not content with simply telling you where to enjoy it, Time Out offers this more theoretical insight into the significance of the striptease from performer Gwendoline Lamour.

    New London club: Victory

    Time Out gets a glimpse of a venue that marries Las Vegas and Studio 54 with London Victoriana. Intrigued? You'll be amazed.

    Dusty Limits' wedding
    It's a leap year, and Chinese year of the Rat, so Dusty's decided to get hitched to three grooms at once, so to speak.

    Nathaniel-de-Ville and Matthew Robins

    The host of the VauxhallVille Cabaret talks alternative puppetry with puppeteer Matthew Robins.

    The best alternative nightlife of 2007
    From Jonny Woo to Empress Stah, gay bingo to voguing, 2007 saw an explosion in all directions of London's cutting-edge alternative nightlife.

    Red Death Lates
    Time Out investigates eccentric theatre company Punchdrunk’s decadent take on the after-show bash.

    Throw your own cabaret party
    As cabaret, burlesque and drag continue to sweep the capital, Time Out has some Blue Peter-style tips on how to hold your own alternative night in.

    I knit London
    Time Out heads to the pub to get a lesson from London's hippest knitters.

    Country music clubbing
    Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl, just don't mention Garth Brooks or line dancing.

    The Smoking Cabinet
    A new film festival in London charts the early years of burlesque on the silver screen.

    Clubs_luchabritannia_mexicanwrestling_CREDIT_Rob Greig_crop.jpg
    Lucha Britannia

    Mexican wrestling
    Oddball London wrestling outfit Lucha Britannia gives Time Out the smackdown.


    We were struggling to explain unique collaboration 'Speech', so we got creators Scottee and Bourgeois & Maurice to do it for us.

    London's weirdest nights out
    Boogie in the nude, smash up a telly, watch drag queens miming: the choice is yours.

    Kitty Klaw: interview
    Ministry of Burlesque founder on a return to burlesque's Victorian values.

    David Hoyle
    ‘Magazine’ star David Hoyle plans to raise our consciousness through dogging.

    Gay bowling
    Pretty self-explanatory.


    Fred Bear tells Time Out about the rise of boy burlesque and plans to revamp Saturday-night ITV.

    Alternative nights out

    We send our man on a week-long excursion of London's edgier nights out.

    New wave circus performance
    Don't find clowns scary? You soon will. The disturbing new wave circus gets a visit from Time Out.

    Scrap Club
    Why go to the Fridge, when you can destroy one instead? Time Out gets totally wrecked.

    Act Art - weddings tackled
    Do you take the Act Art show in sickness and in health? Especially in sickness? Time Out says 'I do'.

    Empress Stah
    Call her a disgusting freak if you like, but Empress Stah is a live performer who can't be pinned down.


    Super troupers!
    Shake your stuff with infectious, inclusive girl dance team and club promoters The Actionettes.

    Girls only nights

    Girlcore is a night where girls can be girls, and sometimes boys can too.

    How to be a B-boy
    Time Out busts some advice on how to be a B-boy.

    Male burlesque
    Is London’s burlesque scene is ready to break the last taboo: men twirling the tassels.

    Swap-a-rama Razzmatazz
    Don't spend too long getting ready to go out, you're going to change clothes again, and again, and again...

    New breed drag artistes
    People used to get freaked out by men in drag. Meet the new artistes who get right in your face.

    Music hall troupes
    The lost glory of the music hall has been restored by London's oldest surviving troupe, The Players'.

    Clubs_collectionpointa (2).jpg
    Collection Point A wait for their sun

    Collection Point A
    Argos has come to clubland! Get set to indulge in some 'retarded' retail therapy and enjoy a catalogue of errors.

    Lenny Beige
    He's back to dip his toes in London nightlife! It's the man who opened The Regency Rooms which attracted the great, the famous… and Jamie Theakston.

    Conjurers and magicians

    London's variety scene puts the blood, violence and mystery back into magic.

    Extreme cabaret shows
    High energy tradition subverting, fire eating and knife throwing - it's as far from Butlins as variety can get.

    Ska burlesque
    The worlds of ska and burlesque are coming together. Weird? You decide.

    Talking with a transvestite
    Bistrotheque lip-synching transvestite Spanky talks to Social club about stealing pearls and Smiths-loving tranny Mexicans.

    Cabaret & burlesquesocial club.jpg
    Time Out takes the temperature of the cabaret and burlesque scene – and finds it's hot out there. And check out our bluffer's guide.

    Immodesty Blaize
    One-time convent school girl Immodesty Blaize has risen to become the UK’s biggest burlesque star. She talks nipple tassels and burning bras with Time Out.

    Speed dating in the capital
    From dressing up as a clown to meeting your goth soulmate, there’s a speed dating party for everyone.

    Roll up! It’s roller disco time
    Time Out discovers Roller Disco is rolling out over more of London.

    Hip hippy happenings
    Inspired by ’60s hippy happenings, there’s never been a better time to incorporate a man shooting fire from his penis into your clubbing.

    Supper clubs
    Supper clubs made an unexpected comeback last year – now we’re spoiled for choice.

    Top burlesque DJs and artists
    Time Out speaks to three of the hottest burlesque DJs and artists of the of 2006.

    Dress up clubs
    Clubbing fashion guru Paisley Dalton divulges the best places to flaunt your DIY or vintage looks.

    Striptease classes
    Time Out takes a class at the Workers School of Excellence.

    Torture Garden
    Legendary fetish club the Torture Garden is a capital institution, drawing fans of body adornment, rubber and bondage from all over the world. Time Out dares to enter - discovering the most diverse and welcoming crowd in London's clubland.

    Pigalle Club
    Dinner and dance at the '40s-style supper club.

    Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
    Bingo, burlesque, naked clowns and rollerskating teagirls. Could this be London’s best ever club?


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