Dirty Sexy People

Cable , London Bridge Thursday February 14 2013 22:00 - 4:00
There's raunchy, there's dirty, and then there's Dirty Sexy People, providing the ultimate antidote to a tame, romantic and boring Valentine's Day. Having apparently outraged both the Daily Mail and Guardian Online, and with a dress code of "Girls: burlesque. Boys: as bare as you dare", the DSP crew head to south London to run amok in Cable, showcasing their brand of filthy mischief. There'll be body shots, free condoms (to avoid putting the VD in Valentine's Day), and Jimi Needles soundtracking with party breaks, funk and boogie.


Venue name: Cable
Address: 33a Bermondsey St Tunnel
Transport: Tube: London Bridge
Price: £6 adv