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Colonel Fawcett

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This popular Camden boozer pays homage to Victorian military man David Fawcett, who apparently died in one of the rooms upstairs. He was partial to a snifter or two of gin, so there's plenty of scope to get stuck into his favourite tipple - there are more than 60 varieties of mother's ruin on offer.

Outside of that impressive collection of gin there's a decent range of craft beers on tap and by the bottle, complemented by a short wine list and a good selection of cocktails ranging from classic concoctions to those of a more adventurous bent - you can even create your own, should you wish. Unsurprisingly, gin plays a lead role on this list, too. 

The food menu ranges from The Colonel Fawcett Burger (with smoked bacon, chilli jam, apple wood-smoked cheddar and fries) to onglet steaks, a wild Hereford venison casserole and sea bream with clams and a white bean and herb ragu. The Sunday roast is award-winning. 


Venue name: Colonel Fawcett
Address: 1
Randolph Street
Transport: Tube: Camden Road
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Always full of cool peoples. One of the, if not the best pubs in London. The food is amazing, the kitchen staff really knows their stuff. The waiting staff is the nicest, most attentive, well mannered and super friendly. I have never ever experienced something remotely similar to some of the experiences some bitter, weird person has described. This place is actually the reason why we decided to come live in this area, and that was a good decision given this is now our local. Gin selections are godly, and they have several tonics as well. Then there are the pub quiz, the events such as comedy nights, tasting evenings, themed parties. 100% recommended.

1 of 1 found helpful

Have visited the Colonel Fawcett several times since it's opening last year, and have always been very impressed. The food is amazing! Not only is it extremely tasty, but perhaps the best value for money in the area (last week I had a great steak for under a tenner!). I've also had the Pork Belly a couple of times which was cooked to perfection and came with a beautiful Cider sauce. For me, the food is on a par with Made in Camden, which i visited for the first time a few weeks ago and loved. I felt compelled to comment after reading Time Out's distinctly average review above, which I strongly disagree with!


So many great things to say about this pub...

1) One of the best Sunday Roasts in town

2) FANTASTIC beer garden for when it's warm outside

3) Best pub trivia on Wednesdays (seriously one of the best quiz-masters I've seen. Quick-paced, interactive and a wide variety of questions)

4) Live Irish music

It is also a great contrast to other pubs in the area by being low-key and comfortable (many Camden pubs have the loud pulsing music, lights or loud TV that make it difficult to enjoy a pint). 

I go here whenever I am in the area. Highly recommend. (And they have a great upstairs to host private parties). 


This wonderful pub is hidden in a back street of Camden road so the only people there are the ones who live nearby or the ones who have carried out thorough reserch.

The main room is absolutely gorgeous, spacious and had a great ambiance. The upstairs dining room is lovely as well.

It also have a beautiful flowery walled garden for those warmer days.

I have only ever been for brunch and can testify that the food is top notch. My runny eggs, chorizo and avocado on toast was a delight but nothing compared the desserts... Raspberry creme brulee and orange brownies... WOWZERS! There is also a bottomless option with Mimosas, very tempting.



Bit off the beaten track but everything about this place deserves a visit!

The staff are super friendly, attentive and helpful.  The food (which we had as a christmas lunch) was delicious and catered to all the dietary requirements we had in our group.  We stayed for a good 5 hours enjoying food, drinks and the atmosphere.  There's a great little beer garden which was being used despite the fact that in was raining and cold!

I will definitely be going back - if not just for the story about old man Fawcett!

A nice place a bit off the beaten track. Feels like a real pub in a good way. Not a bloody gastro pub!

Such good music and food, the beer garden is gorgeous and everyone is lovely

Great food & drinks selection. Ambiance is second to none and the Landlords are wonderfully accommodating people

One of my favourite pubs in London, amazing food especially the Sunday roasts. There's a great upstairs function room - I've been to a few parties there and they have always been really fun and the staff have put in the effort to make the parties special! Great pub!

Great pub. Amazing food. Wonderful atmosphere. Gorgeous room upstairs.Superb for parties. Staff friendly & efficient

Best pub in Camden - friendly staff, great food and HUGE selection of gin.

Friendly local pub; good menu; fun upstairs area which can be rented for parties; small but decent garden area


Lovely pub, great for after work drinks as it doesn't get too crowded. A little on the pricey side, but the food is great. Get the scotch egg!

Wide gin choice and gin based cocktails in this wonderful pub.
Fabulous inventive, vegetarian food options and amazing Sunday roasts also.

Staff Writer

The best pub in Camden without a doubt! I have spent many great nights in this pub, with a great ambiance indoors and a great little pub garden at the back. Especially like their range of beverages, especially the gin!

Went to this pub today as it is close to where I live, walked past it a few times and it seemed friendly and cool. I do not understand what is driving the review from Time out, who I respect. It must have been a bad day in the pub! The food was really good, best pork belly I had in a while. Friendly service and lots of space. Good mix of people hanging, families, couple having a bite an reading sunday papers (like us)... I look forward to going back. It seems to be a place especially set for cold winter afternoons, which the 2 fire places and soft music playing in the background. Would recommend.

Food generally very good (I've eaten here twice), nice atmosphere. Beers a little dull if you're into ale; generally never all four hand pumps in use and the selected beers aren't particularly to my taste either. I 'like' the Fawcett, but wish I loved it.

I ate in this triendly pub and experienced really wonderful tastes, original and interesting. 5 of us chose different menu items and we all rated them highly, tasting each others choices too ,it was exceptional and fantastic value. The staff were very friendly making the whole experience rich

I have eaten at the CF many times and just can't get enough of the food there! The value and quality are just fantastic. The menu changes regularly so I have always found a new combination that is fresh and exiting. My last meal was the Griddled Fennel which was just amazing. Good sized main and the deserts are to die for. A blood orange sorbet was probably my favorite to date and I hope to see it reintroduced at some point. I am shocked at the last review with one star and cannot understand where they are coming from. I am also very annoyed with Time Out review as they have obviously not given any thought or even been to the pub I suspect. They should be embarrassed at such a badly compiled review. Highly recommended so dont let Time Out or one rogue review fool you.

I have to say Time out are speaking absolute TOSH... By far some of the best food I have ever had in its price range... The Sunday Roasts are literally to die for. Great drink selection, cool place, great decor etc.... I'm sorry, but after this god aweful review by TimeOut I don't think I'll be able to trust their reviews on anything else..

Went on a recommendation from a friend, absolutely loved the food. It is the best steak i have had for a long time. Place looks really nice inside, almost like a living room with a bar in! Def going back.

Took my parents here for dinner a few nights ago and thought it was so lovely. Food was delicious, I had the steak which was divine and my mum had the hake which she loved. Really nice atmosphere, out the way in Camden which means that you get a good local crowd. We spoke to the owners who are three young guys just starting out and you can tell that they have tried to create somewhere friendly and relaxed with those nice personal touches. Its my birthday soon so I am going to hire an area. All round great place!

The owners really turned this pub around, it has a great atmosphere, loads of gins and a changing menu. Saturday brunch, sunday roast, unique ingredients make it special. Will check out their comedy nights soon. Lucky to be a local to the Colonel. TimeOut, your review is bad and rating inaccurate. Go there again and tell it like it is!

Have to say i agree with Timeout, visited on a Sunday afternoon,we wer the only 2 people in the upstairs function room at the time, 6 people downstairs. At that time no one was eating, so no pressure on the chefs. They were outside having a cigarette. Owner couldn't crack a smile, of the other 2 staff, young guy helpful and friendly, girl struggled to take an order of 2 meals, and also no smile. food very mediocre, i turned down 2 of the veg options, not offered any alternatives, served cold root mash, 3 mini bullet like lukewarm roasties, and a lukewarm tasteless pie.My partners fish was tiny, old hard chips, We ate it as we were starving, cold , very wet. As we left the downstairs bar was buzzing, lot's of diners, and the Sunday Roasts did look nice. Our first visit, wouldn't eat there again after that experience. Lovely decor, out of the way, if you want a quieter spot of Camden. Maybe it was because we were new faces, as others seem to have had a different experience. Had a Greek meal and a Cantonese meal in Camden, very nice. As there are a lot of inferior eateries in London, it's nice to find something good.

I'm surprised with this review. I ate at the Colonel, immediately departed for Melbourne and spent the next 5 weeks anticipating my return meal. Incredible food that would still be good value with a 50% price increase. Go to this pub. It's great.

I am a bit confused by this review from Timeout! I work nearby and eat here probably at least once a week and the food is definitely the best pub food I've ever eaten and I eat at a lot of pubs (and restaurants) in the area but this beats them hands down on value and quality. I had a smoked chicken salad the other day and it was to die for, literally perfect. It's always a nice crowd in here and good music plus as a real ale man, they have a pretty good selection. Definitely ignore the 2 stars from Timeout...strange.

The Colonel Fawcett is such a nice pub, lovely, comfortable interior, with great booze and amazing food! Has a really nice atmosphere, and the staff are so friendly. They have an AMAZING selection of gin, over 20! And the food is incredible! The burger and sausage and mash are my favourites! And they have the best chicken dish I've ever had out on the menu at the minute - so so good! The Colonel Fawcett is my new favourite pub! 5/5!

I love this pub, good food, and a nice decent crowd without any chavs or white trash etc.... - I cannot comment on the drink, as I am a t-total, however the food is, normally, very good, although the last couple of meals have been really overly salty, and the fish I had tonight was undercooked. - Shame, as I hope this pub does not go down the same route as The Lord Stanley! CF crew, please take note and sort out the chef, as there does appear to be a rapid turnover of your kitchen staff!

2 stars? Are you on crack? The Colonel Fawcett is fun, unpretentious and has great food, unlike the other boozers in the area, most of which are packed with boorish TOWIE wannabes listening to the top 10 while eating frozen burgers from the cash & carry and drinking warm Stella at £5 a pint. It's an oasis in the desert of bell-ends that is Camden.

It's high time that the TimeOut people took another look at this excellent pub. Decor is great, staff are friendly and hardworking, the food is great and there is a good selection of drinks available. I recommend it very highly.

I'm actually quite gobsmacked that TimeOut has written such a review about a pub they clearly knew nothing about/had even really visited the pub by the sounds of things. What it SHOULD have said is the food is amazing - made with love and thought and homage paid to the drinks (extensive gin collection, my favourite!) definitely not going a miss! lovely atmosphere, brilliant staff, theyve got everything right... One cant help thinking this was a tactical report from TimeOut? A nice place to socialise and unwind, definitely worth a visit!

Glad I didn't see this review before I went or I might never have visited - I found the food far from unremarkable, the menu was imaginative without being weird, the food itself delicious, the service exceptonal and while the number of ales available was limited, they were well kept and served - which to me counts for more than having a dozen poorly kept ones. And the selection of gins? Suffice to say, I'll be back - I suggest the Time Out team give it another go too, even the best places can have an off night

I think it's time timeout went back to double check. Obviously the reviewer's opinion represents the minority (and he certainly hasn't tried the home made scotch eggs). The only quibble is the slightly small portions of food, but when it's that good and only £7/£8 for a main, you can't really complain...

Having read the Time Out review through, I hastened a double take to ensure that it was indeed allied to the correct establishment! It appears as if the authors good taste may have perished along with the Colonel in the upstairs room of this delightful spot. The locally sourced, seasonal fayre is a wonder, and I for one, in the absence of local ale, found ample solace in the extensive gin list!! All in all tis one mighty fine tavern indeed!!

I also had a five star review removed, which questioned why the reviewer mentioned the lack of local ales, but failed to mention the fact that much of the food produce is sourced-locally to ensure freshness. To recap, the food, atmosphere and staff are all excellent. I am not an ale drinker, so feel unable to comment on the slectionof drinks.

I visited this pub after reading this review. I live locally and was unaware it had changed hands or name. I found this pub hidden round the corner from Camden Road Station and is one of the nicest pubs I have been to. It has now become my local. It has been vastly improved since a refurb and is definately worth a visit. The atmosphere in the evening is fantastic, the dj always manages to get people up and dancing. One drunken night me and my friends found ourselves deep in a game of monopoly when the owners came over to join in. They are the friendliest people you will meet. The food is delicious and hugely recommended. We go every Sunday now to cure our hangovers from the night before with a roast! I rate this pub HIGHLY. *****

Where is my other review I left?... Timeout, after this shoddy review of this amazing friendly welcoming pub, and the knocking of the food on offer at this pub (It's value for the quality and deliciousness the fantastic chefs cook up) I can't help but feel you haven't really been here?! And also, Camden Ale is over subscribed so can't currently sell everywhere. I'm going to take further TimeOut reviews with a pinch of salt seeing that you can massively get the Colonel so, so wrong. Sort it out.

Im a local and am so happy there is a nice, genuine, laid back local pub in the area now. Me and my housemates spend whole weekends in there, young, lively crowd in the evenings and then chilled out vibes on Sundays to ease hangovers - with board games, bloody marys, big sofas. Love the food as well (its cheap! compared to the rest of Camden). Try the risottos, they are my fave.

I am very surprised by this review - it goes against every experience I have had of this pub! The food is delicious and imaginative - certainly worth a visit for. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and the staff are all incredibly attentive to all customers. I'm afraid Time Out have got it very wrong this time and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chilled out lunch or great night out!!

Absolutely love this pub! Went for dinner last night. Had the risotto and the pork belly - it was absolutely delicious. One of the owners Angus was really friendly and told us the amazing history of the pub. Worth a visit just to see the 150 year old spiral staircase!

I have visited this pub a few times since it re-opened and each time has been an enjoyable expereince. Loved the food and the party atmsophere on friday and saturday nights! Will visit again.

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