Comedy profile: Alun Cochrane

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Quickfire interview with Alun Cochrane

Who or what makes you laugh?

‘Lots of things: Hubris, JD Salinger’s short stories, some Arctic Monkeys lyrics, Schopenhauer, flatulence, bathos…’

What’s been your most memorable heckle?

‘Back when I saw stuff online about myself (no more) someone wrote “Alun Cochrane (me neither)” at the start of a comment about me on Twitter. I like the assumption nobody has heard of me, and that this is my failing.’

What’s been your career highlight?

‘Maybe being on Just A Minute. Or, once in Norwich I made a man puke Guinness down his shirt. Before that I had made someone topple off a stool, and people do quite often spit drinks out. But puke’s a real comedic high.’

How would you describe your comedy?

‘Using words.’

What’s your favourite joke by another comic?

‘ “Throwing acid is wrong, in some people’s eyes” is an early Jimmy Carr joke I love the neatness of.’

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