Comedy profile: Edward Aczel

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Quickfire interview with Edward Aczel

Edward Aczel Edward Aczel

How would you describe your style of comedy?

‘Ill-advised, badly thought through and obscure.’

Who or what makes you laugh?

‘A general lack of respect for my elders and betters and, in particular, Jeremy Paxman giving Philip Hammond a damn good kicking on “Newsnight”.’

What’s the best/worst thing about being a comedian?

‘The best thing is writing something which people find funny. The worst is when it fails miserably. Although, I’ll be honest, I also quite like it when things fail miserably. So I suppose what I love about comedy is that it isn’t an exact science.’

What’s the most memorable heckle you’ve received?

‘ “Can you keep the noise down, you might wake the baby.” ’

What’s been your most memorable gig, good or bad?

‘The BBC New Comedy Awards 2005. I came runner up, after that I wanted to be a comedian. It’s taken a while but I hope to get there someday.’

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