Comedy profile: Jim Smallman

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Quickfire interview with Jim Smallman

Jim Smallman Jim Smallman - © Steve Ullathorne

Who or what makes you laugh?

‘My nine-year-old daughter, my parents, ridiculous tattoos (including my own).’

What’s your most memorable gig, good or bad?

‘At the Sonisphere metal festival in 2009 I held up my phone to the crowd of 3000 and got them to sing happy birthday to my daughter. Either that or hosting “Late ’n’ Live” in Edinburgh last year with kidney stones.’

What’s your favourite joke by another comic?

‘Pretty much anything that Tony Law has ever done, ever. His material on “danger” and “Nando’s” is amazing; I can quote it word for word.’

How would you describe your style of comedy?

‘Incredibly silly and based on my own real life experiences.’

What’s your favourite children’s joke?

‘My daughter actually wrote this one and it’s in my show: What does a doggy have on top of his house? A woof.’

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