Comedy profile: Sean Hughes

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Quickfire interview with Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes Sean Hughes - © Paul Heneker

How would you describe your style of comedy?

‘Truthful, off the cuff, irreverent and never losing sight of the fact that I have to be funny.’

Who or what makes you laugh?

‘Unfortunately, mainly just practical jokes and a little bit of TV.’

What’s been your most memorable gig, good or bad?

‘I’ve got a terrible short term memory, so I guess it was the last one.’

What’s the best/worst thing about being a comedian?

‘The best thing is the absolute freedom to say anything you want. The worst is that audiences don’t come to my house, I have to go to them.’

What’s the most memorable heckle you’ve received?

‘My audience don’t tend to heckle, they usually just comment to their partners. Like at my last gig a slightly overweight woman turned to her partner and said, “I didn’t realise vegetarians could get fat”.’

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