Funniest comedians on Twitter

We round up the best comedians on Twitter and the top 10 accounts you need to follow

Hashtag this, @mention that – Twitter is here to stay. And the micro-blogging site has been embraced by the comedy community. Comedians can receive instant feedback to gags they've just written, and the 140-character limit encourages them to be creative. Be warned: many aren't as funny in the virtual world as they are on stage, and lots simply use the medium for unashamed self-promotion. But there's comedy gold being produced 24 hours a day on Twitter, and here are our ten favourite comedians (along with sample tweets) who'll have you giggling at your computer screen. Oh, and did we mention we're on Twitter too? Why not follow @TimeOut_Comedy for tickets giveaways, gig recommendations and much more?

Bec Hill (@bechillcomedian)

Delightful, innovative Aussie comic Bec Hill is highly creative on Twitter. She posts witty thoughts, jokes, drawings, videos and more, all of which are consistently hysterical.

Bo Burnham (@BoBurnham)

The first American on the list, 21-year-old Burnham uses Twitter sporadically, but his tweets are tremendously silly and super-sharp.

Demetri Martin (@DemetriMartin)

The floppy-haired American comic has always been highly inventive in his live work, and he’s the same on the micro-blogging website. Martin posts jokes, observations, photos and drawings (#demetrimARTin) that are succinct, consistently funny gags.

Jason Cook (@jasonmarkcook)

We’re big fans of Geordie comic Jason Cook here at Time Out. He’s one of the best comperes in the country and has produced some wonderful Edinburgh Fringe shows. On Twitter, it’s his #traintales hashtag that has us in stitches. As a comedian, he’s regularly travelling up and down the country by train. For each trip he gives a brilliantly judgmental running commentary on what his fellow passengers are up to.

Megan Amram (@meganamram)

OK, so she’s not a stand-up (although she has performed bits and bobs live), but as a comedy writer we think Megan Amram counts. She’s certainly flippin’ funny. Amram’s dark, sometimes surreal gags have kick-started her comedy career, and now she’s writing for the more family-friendly Disney Channel. Somebody give her a sitcom!

Milton Jones (@themiltonjones)

The 140-character limit of Twitter is perfect for quick, short jokes. Step forward Milton Jones, the king of the surreal one-liner. Not only does the ‘Mock the Week’ star tweet superb gags, he uses Twitter to explore new ways of telling jokes that wouldn’t work live on stage.

Neil Hamburger (@NeilHamburger)

Twitter’s an easy mass-marketing tool for big businesses. American anti-comic Neil Hamburger doesn’t stand for that. He uses the social site to post biting replies to the questions posed by companies such as Taco Bell, Burger King and Axe (the US version of Lynx deodorant). Frequent onstage targets, including Britney Spears and Gene Simmons, are also scathingly shot down, and then Hamburger re-tweets the abuse he receives from their fans. Genius.

Tim Key (@TimKeyPoet / @TimKeyPerson)

Savant poet Tim Key has two accounts – one for personal thoughts and gig-plugging, the other for micro-poems. Although he’s an irregular tweeter (on both usernames), we recommend following them both as what does get posted is very rarely less than gold.

Tony Law (@mrTonyLaw)

He’s a master surrealist on stage, and Tony Law applies the same absurdist logic to his tweets. Far-out, superbly silly bon mots from this crazed Canadian.

Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo)

The Hollywood star has received more acclaim for his bluegrass banjo skills than his movies of late. But there’s no doubting he still has a supremely sharp comedic mind, as his superbly witty tweets prove. And Steve, if you’re out there, how about a proper return to stand-up? In London? Please? Come on!