Russell Kane in hairstyles

The 'Unzipped' and 'Live at the Electric' star talks Time Out through his dos

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried – and that’s just at his ever-changing hairdos. Time for Russell Kane to confront the ghosts of coiffures past. Interview: Alexi Duggins.

Gallery: Russell Kane's hairstyles

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    ‘The bog-standard indie swoop’ - 2006

    ‘When I first started my stand-up career, I had a shaved head. Unfortunately, given my tendency to speak at 100 miles an hour and thrust at the audience, it was getting a bit Broadmoor. So I decided to soften my look with this cut, which stopped me looking like I’d escaped from a mental institution.’

    In one line: ‘It made me look like Vernon Kay with a wasting illness.’

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