Simon Munnery's La Concepta

Try a taster menu for innovative comedy genius Simon Munnery's conceptual restaurant

© Rob Greig

Plat Belgique

‘Can any country be summarised on a single plate? Possibly not, but surely Belgium has the greatest chance, what with its size.’

Intro Absence de Melon Bubbles Plat Belgique Swan Medley Chicken in a Casket

© Rob Greig

He might not be a household name, but Simon Munnery is an avant-garde comedy god. For more than 20 years the 45-year-old circuit stalwart – whose short-lived Stewart Lee-directed BBC series ‘Attention Scum!’ ran in 2001 – has constantly reinvented his comedy. He has experimented with characters including The League Against Tedium and Alan Parker: Urban Warrior, and performed live animations and site-specific art-comedy crossovers.

Now, Londoners can experience Munnery’s idea of a slap-up feed, because the master surrealist is bringing us his award-winning interactive non-dining experience, La Concepta. At this intimate restaurant, diners pick from a menu of conceptual dishes, so rather than tucking in to delicious grub, waiter/chef Munnery serves-up your choice of audio-hors d’oeuvres, plates of art, visual puns, props and jokes. It won’t kill those hunger pangs, but it certainly satisfies a craving for fresh, silly comedy that’s unlike anything else in the stand-up spectrum.

Like all classy restaurants, La Concepta is highly exclusive, serving only eight people per session at a secret Carnaby Street location.

So, to get your metaphorical taste buds revved-up, Munnery talks us through a five-course taster menu (gallery above) of what he’s got in store for La Concepta’s London branch. Délicieux!

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