Ten Big Questions… Jessica Ransom

Jessica Ransom Jessica Ransom
Posted: Thu Jul 22 2010

Performing a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time, sharp character comic Jessica Ransom answers our Ten Big Questions.

Your show, no more than thirty words, go!
It's a character show about giving away a million pounds. It's about what different people would do with the money and deciding who deserves it the most.

What's your favourite Edinburgh related story?
There are lots, but the one that makes me laugh the most was when, after a fairly big night out, my boyfriend sleepwalked into our friend's bedroom, picked up a hairdryer, pulled his pants down and started trying to blow dry his testicles whilst saying, 'Shut up Jim, fold your arms' to the startled man whose room it was. The hairdryer wasn't plugged in so he got cross and stormed out.

Who or what makes you laugh?
Who: Too many people for me to mention without forgetting a few and then feeling bad that I've forgotten. What: I laugh a lot when I get told off, which isn't normally that well-received.

What's the best / worst thing about being a comedian?
The best thing is probably spending time with other acts at gigs, I only just realised the worst thing when I started previewing my show, but when you just do an hour on your own, there's no-one to chat to when you go backstage at the end. I've settled for just giving myself a high-five.

What gets you in the mood to be funny?
I think probably inappropriate timing. I can try to write for ages but I always come up with the best ideas at the least practical times when I can't write them down like when I'm swimming or standing up on a really packed train or in the middle of a really serious conversation with someone.

What's your favourite children's joke?
What flies and wobbles? A jellycopter.

What's the most memorable heckle you've ever received?
A man once wandered in off the street in the middle of a gig and started pointing at the stage shouting, 'It's Doctor Who'. It wasn't, it was me.

What subject wouldn't you make a joke about?
Quantum physics - I just don't have the knowledge.

What's your biggest fear?
Being trapped in a room with people throwing crockery to each other, scatting and playing the kazoo whilst moving around as if they were monkeys - individually those things all really set my teeth on edge so the combination of all of them would be too much.

Complete this sentence: 'A man walks into a bar…'

'Jessica Ransom - Ransom's Millions' is at the Edinburgh Fringe, Pleasance Courtyard, Cellar at 16.45.