Anatomy of… Tommy Franzén

Lyndsey Winship serves up the skinny on the chameleon-like street dancer from 'The Rodin Project'

Adrian Meyers

Work ethic

The hardest-working man in hip hop, Swedish-born, south London-living Franzén flips from feelgood comedy (‘Some Like It Hip Hop’) to commercial choreography (‘Flash Mob’) and now dreamy B-boy/contemporary fusion in Russell Maliphant’s ‘The Rodin Project’.

Mr Muscle

Choreographer Kate Prince says: ‘Tommy is a powerhouse in every way. His strength, his passion, his energy; I don’t know anyone who is such a great actor, comedian and physical perfectionist. And have you seen his body? He’s a climber. His forearms are the size of tree trunks!’

He means business

There’s more to this man than a packed CV and a six-pack worthy of Men’s Health magazine. Franzén is prepping for post-dance life by building businesses in property and personal development. But don’t worry, ‘I have a few years left in me as a dancer,’ he says. Franzén fans breathe a collective sigh of relief.