Free dance classes with Time Out and The Place

Ballet with Raymond Chai Ballet with Raymond Chai
Posted: Fri Aug 21 2009

Take a free dance class at The Place with our Time Out reader offer. Cuban, contemporary or clog dancing - you can try them all.

Come on you lot, get off your arses!

You've had a summer of lounging and lolling and now it's time to inject some energy into your life, get a sweat on and get dancing. To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of The Place, the original home of contemporary dance in the UK, Time Out has joined forces with the venue to offer readers a weekend of free dance classes on September 11 and 12. That's right: it'll cost you nothing.

Kate Bush, Helena Bonham Carter, George Sampson and even Jet from 'Gladiators' have all cut loose in The Place's studios, and now you could join that illustrious list. Whether you're making a resolution to get fit, want to try a new style of dance or just enjoying jigging about in a vaguely structured manner, here's your chance - no previous experience required.

We're offering tickets for 31 different classes from Egyptian, Cuban and Indian dance to ballet, jazz and contemporary. You can have a go at clog dancing, Morris dancing or the nineteenth-century waltz, try out tai chi and Feldenkrais technique or sign up for special classes for parents and children to take together.

Between classes there are plenty of dance-related distractions: exhibitions, film screenings, tours of the costume department, the chance to watch an open rehearsal with the Richard Alston Dance Company and a party to round off proceedings each night.

There's not much that makes you feel better than a good boogie. It's fun, gets the blood pumping and it's good for the soul. Pull on those leg warmers and limber up!

How to book
It's simple: to see the full timetable of classes and sign up, go to You can book for a maximum of three sessions and it's first come first served, so best get moving. All sessions are completely free.