10,000 B.C.

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10,000 B.C.
Roland Emmerich’s misjudged stab at a Pleistocene-era epic is a mammoth disappointment. Omar Sharif’s ponderous narration introduces a pre-historic world of mysterious myths and prophecies. One where young men like D’Leh (Steven Strait) embark upon life-changing quests that will save not only their loved one, beautiful blue-eyed foundling Evolet (Camilla Belle), but also their entire tribe.

After an attack on their village by ‘four-legged demons’ (horse-riding slave raiders), D’Leh and his mentor, Tic’Tic (Cliff Curtis), brave the snow-topped mountains, lush jungle, wide savannah and parched desert in search of those who were abducted. As they travel towards ‘the mountains of the gods’ – gold-topped pyramids built by slaves and harnessed mammoths – they persuade other tribes to join their war against the raiders.

This ‘Tweenies’ take on ‘Apocalypto’ is insipid stuff. The so-called ‘terror birds’ are fierce versions of Rod Hull’s Emu; the woolly mammoths are benign beasts; and the sabre-toothed tiger, with which D’Leh has a mysterious telepathic connection, seems to have wandered in from Narnia. There is also more than a hint of Erich von Däniken’s book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ about the pyramids, where effete, claret-robed priests grovel before the albino Almighty One. The vapid young leads have no presence whatsoever, so Kiwi actor Curtis is left to wrestle what gravitas he can from the risible dialogue.

As one would expect, the director of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ has no trouble integrating the spectacular vistas and impressive visual effects into a mix-and-match whole. However, Emmerich’s storytelling lacks the kinetic energy and visceral impact of Mel Gibson’s muscular myth-making: like the lumbering mammoths, it is plodding and dull.

By: Nigel Floyd


Release details

Release date: Friday March 14 2008
Duration: 109 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Roland Emmerich
Screenwriter: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser
Cast: Steven Strait
Camilla Belle
Cliff Curtis
Joel Virgil
Affif Ben Badra
Mo Zinal

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4 / 5

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utter rubbish expected more certainly one for the bargain box along with The Golden Compass, the acting was p--s poor B Movie don't bother

One of the worse films i have seen. Good if you want a laugh at the bad acting and over sized turkeys!!! Dont recommend it

A load of shit,,,, the director must have been inspired by bollywood love stories.....a blady rip offfffff!!!!!

Biggest load of crap ive ever seen. Not 1 good thing about it. Don't see it unless you like watchin cavemen fighting egyptians and mutated chickens trying to eat people

good special effects but crap unoriginal plot.first apocalypto scene with village being raided and people being transported far away then slavery and finnaly the 300 bit at the end with the spear

essential viewing for all to celebrate a cultural revolution and cgi copycats A TRUE CULTURAL REVOLUTION ;MULTICULTURALISM might be an invention of today,but emmerich insists in this new great saga throught the GREAT NILE BASIN that we had an english speaking tribe in african heartlands who spoke better english then in most american movies today, MORE REASONS TO WATCH THIS CLAS[LESS]SIC, it also tells us that there were GIANT TURKEYS eating our ancestors ,bigger then the turkeys hollywood is making today for sure in the nile valley, also some ugly american indian chinese woman MUMBLING african mambo jumbo ,playing mother to theSE hunter tribes -african mama all hail, one more reason is that its a MULTI-ETHNIC CAST ,blue eyed belles ,latino men ,cuban sex symbols ,puerto rican studs ,arab villains and jewish looking albinos ,but thats not all they speak multiple languages and are still able to communicate better then us today, they can also transfer body spirits ,ultimate soul transplant TO BEAT CLONING , yet they have no idea of where the north star is , but thanks to our american star who looks like a cross between cuban-latino texans ,with the obligatory steroid 6-pack and sanitised perfect gums with a tootbrush ad smile and also has no idea about how to deliver his dialogues or how to even talk to CGI MADE cats[or was it a leoprd ] ,YET he is able to cross 6000 miles of the nile basin ,because he discovers the north star astronomers be damned , meanwhile as the ancient egyptians smuggle the poor slaves from the african hinterlands to build the pyramids ,they have already predicted all that happens in the future with the astrology -the predictable script gets worse by one sign or another ,this is all science too-the science of hollywoods misery . somehow no one ever is killed in this movie except bakus mum [a latino kid with a chinese mum ].even the giant tree-climbing turkeys do not ear any one -the leopard too starves himself -everything is saved for the finale , well this glorious racial mixture is exhilirating but not as much as the enlightening dialogues and the mammoth sets created by studio CGI,nor the leopard that is a ridiculous cat that looks like an elephant . YET they all pale in comparison to a single scene of ten commandments OR cleopatra ,BUT THAT WAS 50 years ago and now we have made great progress ,so for our sins we have to see these poor imitations of THE EGYPTIAN and one million year bc ,as for the land that time forgot ,its a classic compared to this, but one good reason to see this is to realise how degrading american cinema has become in the last few years how the big studios insult their audience by insulting themselves , and any intelligence left whatsoever is not to be found in a movie budgeted over 10 million dollars , the worst thing is this will end up grossing 100million dollars or more ,perhaps that explains the ten thousand title because i thought the pyramids were only 4000-6000yrs old , but then history can always be rewritten and it literally is here with the english language and all rules of decent cinema production being violated ,the funny midget who is produced from an under ground chamber on a stretcher to prohecy is one of the silliest characters ever in cinema and the lines he utters were like from the gutter. watch out for the really funny voice over by OMAR SHARIF too -yes he is the sado masochist who starts this torture with some wise utterrings which sound like a silly gag,he ONCE PLAYED DR.ZHIVAGO IN THE LEAN MOVIE ,but that seems 1000 years ago at least , the studios need to transported to the path of the next tsunami as that is the only way to be rid of these really monstrous movies and these MORONS , -what a shame as stargate was entertaining at least ,this is a sic joke

Film was somewhat rather disappointing from the watching the trailers but if you have nothing better to do and want to watch something which is non thought provocking then this is the film for you. Its audience would be more suitable for the family crowd but realistically i fails to excite the adult audience

this film woz AWESOME in young, an i realli enjoyed! i thought it woz gonna b RUBBISH, but i loved every minute. i recommend it all the way!!!!!!!

this film woz AWESOME in young, an i realli enjoyed! i thought it woz gonna b RUBBISH, but i loved every minute. i recommend it all the way!!!!!!!

You should definetely go and wath this great movie.Very good scenes. Monsters are cool. Film of the century so far.Mind blowing

You should definetely go and wath this great movie.Very good scenes. Monsters are cool. Film of the century so far.Mind blowing

I must say that I was expecting so much when I went to watch this film as I had heard good initial reviews and that it had topped the US film charts. Come the start of the film it was slow at setting the scene and pace which I had hoped was only because it just started. However the film never really picked up and I was left constantly thinking it might get better. I was expecting a film with a lot of epic special effects and huge pre-historic mamouth battle scenes but nothing much happened. Towards the end it gave a glimmer of hope that a good battle will begin but even that fizzled out with what could only be described as a very anti-climatic ending and left with thinking what the point of the film was. I guess this will be the last time I take the US box office sales seriously

If you are walking into the cinema to expect a historically accurate film then you may be disappointed. If you walk in as I did knowing this but expecting legends, overthrowing tyrants and action with dinosaurs and other random stuff then hopefully you will enjoy it. It was a sweet tale about love and destiny and how you can achieve by working together. Not always 100% convincing but not cheesy and a thoroughly good film.

First hf of film ws very good,then it jumped from bc to egyption times - end resembled apocalypto!! could have been a brilliant film! did the script writer get fed up half way?

Oh my God what utter tripe. You see the problem is I have seen Apocalypto and they are worlds apart!! They have similar bits and no doubt the director thought he would out-do Mel Gibson's classic but alas he fell well short. On the plus side the wooly mammoths were cute as was the hottie with blue contact lenses. Oh and another thing..I challenge you to watch the film and not be annoyed by all the actors accents!!!(Actors was quite kind) Good Luck to you sir.

Complete tripe ! I dont even know what its doing in the cinema, this should of been a straight to dvd affair ! dont waste your time & money, unless your rich & stupid.

this was a great film i have watched it twice and i will still watch it again on monday. my friend has changed since he watched it.

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