50 years of James Bond

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, we revisit all 22 James Bond films

As the twenty-third 007 adventure 'Skyfall' hits cinemas, Time Out's resident gentleman spy Adam Lee Davies takes a trip through Bond's back pages. We got the girls, we got the gadgets, and we got the glamour: truly, all of Bond is here...

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    Dr No (1962)

    Villain: Dr Julius No
    At stake: World domination
    Candy: Ursula Andress
    Gizmo: Incessant back-projection
    Theme Song: 'James Bond Theme', Monty Norman
    Quote: 'I misjudged you; you are just a stupid policeman whose luck has run out.'

    The first cinematic outing for Ian Fleming’s soulless, misogynistic and unutterably lurid ideal of MI6’s best and brightest arrived on British screens that were stale and baggy from reflecting the grim, expressionistic interiors that hallmarked imported film noir and the postwar, mouse-that-roared pluck of homemade boosters like ‘Whisky Galore!’ and ‘The Cruel Sea’. ‘Dr No’ was colourful, truly exotic and thoroughly transgressive.

    Cocksure, dismissive and elegant beyond the dreams of mortal (English)man, the imperious Sean Connery sauntered through an overripe cocktail of Caribbean intrigue as Her Majesty’s not-so-secret servant James Bond. He is abetted by Jack ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Lord as his shifty CIA opposite number Felix Leiter and Ursula Andress as vengeful cockler, Honey Ryder.

    They are all hot under the collar for the bionic hide of Dr Julius No – a ground-level member of the SPECTRE spy organisation we shall become all-too familiar with in further instalments. When ‘Dr No’ parlayed its budget into receipts of $109m, it was immediately clear that 007 had come out on top – and would soon be back for more.

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