Film, Thrillers
Low-budget, quasi-documentary thriller about the kidnapping of a tycoon's daughter by a revolutionary cell. Despite disclaimers in the titles and despite being based on a novel (Black Abductors by Harrison James) written before the event, it's obviously modelled on the Patty Hearst kidnapping. Not bad at suggesting the girl's moral and political confusion, but it founders on its own confusion of styles, methods and aims.

By: RG

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joseph Zito
Screenwriter: Kent E Carroll
Cast: Judith-Marie Bergman
David Pendleton
Gregory Rozakis
Leif Erickson
Dorothy Malone
Lawrence Tierney
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The budget for this movie could not have been more than $10,000. The acting the filming the sound and everything altogether was horrible. Reading the story before I saw movie sounded like it would be a good film but I could not believe a theater let it play on their screen. I saw one of only 4 people in the theater and I can see why. What a waste of money. How in the world was this crap able to get into the big screen. It was ridiculously stupid corny and dumb acting. I want my money back and more . This movie is now even worth rating