Back to School

Film, Comedy
Dangerfield trundles unstoppably through the movie like a benevolent steamroller. He's Thornton Melon, motormouth millionaire, who enrolls in college to watch over his downtrodden son. He has the money, he has the confidence but mostly he has the lines: no one else gets much of a look-in here. Unusual to find a campus comedy serving as an oh-if-only fantasy for the over-50s. Otherwise it's business as usual in this acceptable time-passer.

By: BBa

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Alan Metter
Screenwriter: Steven Kampmann, Will Porter, Peter Torokvei, Harold Ramis
Cast: Rodney Dangerfield
Sally Kellerman
Burt Young
Keith Gordon
Robert Downey Jr
Paxton Whitehead
Terry Farrell
M Emmett Walsh
Adrienne Barbeau
Ned Beatty
Kurt Vonnegut Jr
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