Big Girls Don't Cry

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This German teen drama, not dissimilar to Thirteen, tracks the fissuring relationship between two pals as they tumble towards adulthood. Kati (Mühe) has the tougher time of it with her strict working class parents, but it's pampered Steffi (Herfurth) who goes off the rails when she sees her dad playing away in a nightclub. Framed in 'teen-friendly' filmic trappings - snappy cutting, an imposing pop soundtrack - it turns sensationalist in the end, but the performances add value.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Maria von Heland
Screenwriter: Maria von Heland
Cast: Anna Maria Mühe
Karoline Herfurth
David Winter
Josefine Domes
Tillbert Strahl-Schäfer
Jennifer Ulrich
Nina Petri
Stefan Kurt
Teresa Harder
Matthias Brandt
Gabriela Maria Schmeide
Dieter Laser
Ingo Hasselbach