Bond: then and now

Does the latest film 'Skyfall' refresh or rehash the James Bond franchise?

Judging from the trailer for his latest adventure ‘Skyfall’, James Bond is up to his old tricks again. Adam Lee Davies takes an in-depth look, and comes up with ten reasons why Bond fans are going to feel right at home…

  • In the ‘Skyfall’ trailer...
    The plot appears to be set in motion by the theft of some computer-coded military intelligence assets.

    It’s a bit like that scene in...
    For Your Eyes Only’ (1981), in which the hijack of an ATAC targeting computer – which resembles nothing more than a Speak & Spell spraypainted silver – sends Bond off to Greece for one his more sedate adventures.

    New twist or tired rehash?
    A maguffin is a maguffin is a maguffin. It does seem a little familiar, but it’s no worse a trigger than for many of Bond’s wilder goose chases. 1999’s ‘The World Is Not Enough’, for instance, kicked off with 007 trying to ‘retrieve’ some dodgy oil money for one of M’s old school chums, so we’ll let this one pass.

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